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Phone Line Rental

Analogue Line (Basic) Rental Charge

Designed for domestic use, next business day +1 repair and reporting SLA Mon-Fri only and reduced feature set.

£12.50 (Monthly)

Analogue Line (Premium) Rental Charge

Business lines, next business day repair including Saturday (Mon-Fri reporting 8am-6pm) with enhanced feature set.

£15.58 (Monthly)

Phone Line - new install/transfer Options

Phone Line Installation MTC24

Special offer when taken on a 24 month minimum term

£0.00 (One Off)

Phone Line Transfer

Transfer in existing working phone line

£0.00 (One Off)

Phone Line Restart Stopped Line

Restart and pre-existing phone line at the premises (no engineer required)

£9.95 (One Off)

You can add below additional features on phoneline (optional)

Analogue Line - Call Diversion

Divert calls with a * code on your phone

£1.75 (Monthly)

Analogue Line - Call Diversion by Admin Control

IC place a divert on the phone number for you

£2.00 (One Off)

Analogue Line - Call Waiting

See another call coming in and have them wait for you to switch calls

£1.00 (Monthly)

Analogue Line - Caller Display

See what number is calling you (requires compatible handset)

£1.00 (Monthly)

Analogue Line - Incoming Calls Barred (per line)

Stop Incoming Phone Calls

£2.00 (One Off)

Analogue Line - Outgoing Calls Barred (per line)

Stop Outgoing Phone Calls

£2.00 (One Off)

Analogue Line - Reminder Call

£1.75 (Monthly)

Analogue Line - Ring Back

£1.75 (Monthly)

Analogue Line - Smart Divert (inst)

Customer controlled call diversion can be remotely controlled - Setup Fee

£6.00 (One Off)

Analogue Line - Smart Divert (rental)

Customer controlled call diversion can be remotely controlled - Rental Charge

£1.75 (Monthly)

Analogue Line - Three-Way Calling

£2.00 (Monthly)

Analogue Line - Withhold Number (All Calls)

Withold your outgoing phone number on all calls

£0.00 (Monthly)

Answering Service 1571

£2.00 (Monthly)